What is St. Michael Academy's Virtual Night Downtown?

St. Michael's Virtual Night Downtown is a one-stop shopping event is designed to inspire every to think ahead, shop now, & promote walk-in traffic later,   
when Michigan’s “Stay Safe” restrictions melt away!

Virtual Night Downtown (VND) is a website featuring participating merchants and providing an opportunity to highlight their newest, most popular, and amazingly creative wares and promotions - more on this later.

Using traditional, digital, and social media — SMA will be promoting this website, and a kick-off event, leading up to the actual event on May ?, 2020. Participating merchants are also encouraged to share this event, and their promotions, directly with customers like you. 

Customers (visitors to the site) enjoy exploring merchants' fantastic offerings, outstanding ideas, and delicious enticements, and to purchase them as gifts to treat themselves, as well as others.



Each tempting offering you choose (across all participating vendors) is added to a single shopping cart. And...VIOLA! Shopping across many Up North stores with one check out!


INTANGIBLY:     The opportunity to bring joy to friends, family, and even yourself!
MATERIALLY:     Downloadable Gift Certificates in the amounts of your “displayed” items!
Tax is included in the amount of gift certificates to purchase a featured item so you won't have to pay anything more when pick up the item curb-side or later, when stores open.

Standard gift cards may also be purchased and downloaded. (Standard cards are not taxable.)


You may redeem your purchased certificates according to guidelines as defined the merchant.


If a merchant of is offering local delivery or curbside pick-up...

You may contacts then to arrange a time for local delivery or pick-up time of your particular item(s). The merchant will have a record of your purchases from their store, for verification.


If a business is currently shut-down...

You may redeem your certificate when the merchant is able to open for walk-in traffic.


If shipping is requested, additional fees may apply and be charged separately, by the vendor, when the certificate is redeemed.


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